Reflections on Clients: Loss

In home care, it’s an unfortunate and inevitable fact that we lose clients. Sometimes a client’s health is restored and they do not need our services anymore, such as after a hospital or rehabilitation stay. Unfortunately, we also have clients who pass away. We recently experienced both cases on the same day. As in my previous Article 4: “What can you Expect, When Your Expecting” Homecare” this article aims to go further into choices a family has that might otherwise not be though of.

A new client that sadly passed away over the weekend, was only with us for just a mere week, but happy to say the week was filled with joy and family time! The client was being cared for by his granddaughter, whom we had hired, which brings up two good points!

  1. Hiring qualified family members is an effective strategy for clients who live in remote areas where home care isn’t readily available, as long as the caregiver is not a power of attorney. The client’s granddaughter, who is studying to be a Registered Nurse, was able to help her grandfather, gain work experience, and earn an income. It was a win-win. Unfortunately, this client passed away, but he was able to stay in his home, surrounded by family, which made the process easier for him and the family.
  2. Life is fragile and having direction is imperative to a good quality of life, no matter what the time frame may be. To be in control is power for the family!

The Silver Lining

As difficult as it is when someone passes away, there is a silver lining. There are people who want to pass away at home. They’ve spent a lifetime building their home, creating memories, and lets be honest, home is where the heart is! There’s a calm that comes over people when they know they’ll be in their home, surrounded by family. Life comes full circle whether we like it or not.

We have had the privileged of providing this opportunity to families. Families come together and talk about stories of happy times. Every nook and cranny offer memories to each person that visits. The comfort of knowing someones wishes were met becomes a strength of honoring them. Prior to starting the company I never really thought of this till it happened with a client I cared for personally. I enjoyed the process and the interaction of family on a day to day basis. It stays with me as a good memory.

Of course, this isn’t possible for everyone for circumstances that are out of our hands. The bond is family and memories and that bond stays strong!

The Other Side of the Coin

Our other client was able to stop services due to their rehabilitation and adjustment time coming full circle. So this case was mainly a adjustment time period which allowed for the client to come back to their home and adjust to their surroundings. As familiar as it may be, adjustment can be days to weeks long. It all depends on the client and their needs.

This particular client came back from the hospital and was confused and scared to be alone at home in the evenings. We offered her time to rest and know someone was there in case she needed us. As simple of a task it is, both family and a company can accomplish this goal. It depends on time and availability on the family side.

After a few weeks we were able to leave our client in a good place where she felt confident and in control of her environment.

In conclusion, the idea of home care is so customized that it can accomplish any goal needed in care, companionship and the home. What ever the case may be, it should be looked at as a special case that differs from all the others. Each is unique, each is special!