From Our Family to Yours

Lavender Home Care Solutions Staff

There’s no denying the bond that is created between a client and their caregiver through the course of their home care journey. At Lavender Home Care Solutions, we believe in fostering a trusting, compassionate, and reliable relationship that connects our clients, their families, our caregivers, and our staff under one common goal. 

Inspired by the needs of his own aging grandfather, CEO Bernard Dalichau sought to build a company that provided a higher level of care to the seniors in the greater Dayton area. Since its inception in 2009, Lavender has evolved to meet the needs of our clients by providing exceptional care and service. During that time, our staff has developed to embody Lavender’s changing culture. Olivia Callicoat, our People Engagement Manager, provides an initial introduction to Lavender Home Care for both clients and caregivers. She performs new client assessments and completes orientation with each new hire. Our Scheduling Coordinator, Kelli Ruth, carefully matches clients with their caregivers and provides ongoing support to ensure services are running smoothly. Our collective mission is to improve each client’s quality of life through our well-trained family of caregivers and staff. 

We begin learning about you and your loved one from our first conversation. Although we start with the basics, such as the type of services needed, we will slowly explore further to discover the nuances that make your loved one unique. Perhaps it is the way they take their coffee, the special bond they share with their spouse of many decades, or their love of classical music. Whatever small touches will make their quality of life at home exceptional – these are the details we want to know! 

Once we have gathered the information we need, we will match your loved one to a caregiver who can provide for their needs as well as connect with them on a personal level. During a client’s time with Lavender Home Care, we will continue to maintain care by performing regular check-ins and updating their care plan as their needs change. 

Our employees are a pivotal piece of our process. In addition to completing extensive background checks, a drug screen, and work history verifications, we spend time getting to know each individual. As we learn more about their unique personality, skill level, and learning style, we are better able to provide them with a desirable work experience and, in turn, their clients with the best service. Investing in our employees ensures a longer tenure with Lavender and more consistent care for our clients. 

What we do is not complex or complicated. At its core, our home care services are all about the genuine connection between people as they move through the process of aging. This journey can be exceedingly difficult at times, making it even more crucial to utilize a company that understands and will provide support throughout the aging process. 

If you would like to learn more about Lavender Home Care Solutions, give us a call or schedule a conversation with our staff today!

Lavender Home Care Solutions

Providing peace of mind

Your needs come first

Each time we accept a new care giving opportunity, we start by carefully listening to the family’s needs and requests. For us, it’s about finding the caregiver who will provide for a family’s loved one as well as the family would themselves.

Dedicated to quality care

At Lavender Home Care Solutions, each care opportunity is carefully assessed to ensure that your loved one is treated as a unique individual by our team. We design a detailed care plan and provide additional training for our caregivers as needed - at no additional cost to you!

Each member is unique

One of our care coordinators will get to know you and your loved one. Identifying your loved one's favorite foods, hobbies, and care preferences is what puts a smile on their face. Personal history allows us to provide superior quality care, and find the best matched caregiver to improve quality of life.

Our Team

At Lavender, our dedication to home care shines. Our commitment to the highest quality care starts with our office staff. Each team member brings a unique perspective, personality, and skill set to the company. From Lavender’s CEO, to our newest hire, our mission remains the same!

Kelli Ruth, Scheduling Coordinator at Lavender Home Care Solutions

Kelli Ruth

Scheduling Coordinator

Kelli has had a passion for the older generation since she was child. Her innate connection with the aging population has drawn her to the home care industry and given her a love for the healthcare field. 

Kelli has been a scheduler for 5 years and recently joined the Lavender Home Care Solutions family in 2022 as our Scheduling Coordinator. Her bright personality, warm disposition, and skill for coordinating clients and caregivers has added an essential piece to our team. 

By cultivating a unique connection with each client, Kelli feels she is making a difference in their day-to-day lives. Whether it is lending an ear to their daily challenges, providing an opportunity for them to share their stories, or finding them the perfect caregiver, she knows the smallest gesture of kindness can have a profound impact on a senior’s life. 

Outside of the office, Kelli is deeply committed to her family and friends. She loves to invest in her children and enjoys spending time in nature or taking care of her home and yard!

Olivia Callicoat

People Engagement Manager

Olivia is our People Engagement Manager. In her 6 years with Lavender Home Care Solutions, her role has evolved from human resources and hiring to client case openings and assessments, maintaining client quality of care, developing company culture, and managing smaller projects throughout Lavender. She values hard work, attention to detail, and lifelong learning.

One of her favorite aspects of her job is getting to meet new clients and their families or new caregivers. It brings her joy to see that “the world is full of so many beautiful souls.” As she works with clients and caregivers on an individual basis, she is able to learn their unique identity and create a lasting connection with them.

While earning her BFA from Anderson University, Olivia worked in a nursing facility providing hands-on care for the elderly. Today, she keeps her love of art alive by painting and learning new art forms. She likes to stay busy with her two children and four fur babies and, most of all, spending time with her husband and best friend.

Olivia Callicoat, People Engagement Manager of Lavender Home Care Solutions
Bernard Dalchau the CEO of Lavender Home Care Solutions

Bernard Dalichau


Bernard Dalchau is not just the CEO of Lavender Home Care Solutions; he embodies our core values – collaboration, respect, selflessness. With a deep-rooted belief that caring is a trait we all possess, he brings a unique perspective to the world of senior care. Bernard’s journey in the field began early in life, growing up with his grandfather as his babysitter and evolving to include him helping with basic tasks around the home. Moreover, he taught Bernard the true essence of empathy and care. This personal connection is at the heart of his passion for caring for the elderly and ensuring they enjoy the highest quality of life possible.

As the CEO, Bernard Dalchau is both the visionary behind Lavender Home Care Solutions and its guardian. His unwavering commitment extends beyond the company’s mission statement. Bernard takes personal responsibility for the maintenance and growth of the business, and, as an involved owner, he often finds himself juggling various roles and responsibilities. Whether offering occasional care, overseeing accounts receivable, or ensuring the company’s financial well-being, Bernard approaches these tasks with a collaborative spirit.

In his personal life, Bernard is not just a leader but a loving family man to his wife Nicole and their 2-year-old daughter, Sloane. Together, they cherish moments of togetherness. Bernard’s enthusiasm for life extends to his two furry companions and his love for scuba diving, travel, and good food.