A Team of Caregivers: 24-Hour Home Care Yellow Springs, OH

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by caring for your senior loved ones, let Lavender Home Care Solutions’ experienced and compassionate caregivers be your trusted partner in this journey. 

Quality care goes beyond just meeting basic daily needs — It’s about creating a nurturing environment where your loved ones can thrive and maintain their dignity and independence. Our 24-hour care in Yellow Springs, OH, is tailored to suit the unique requirements of each individual, from personal care to specialized support for conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and post-stroke recovery.

Contact Lavender Home Care Solutions today for a free home care assessment in Greene County. Our qualified care coordinators are ready to work with you to create a personalized care plan that meets your senior’s specific needs and gives your family the peace of mind you deserve.

Our 24-Hour Care Services

Whether it’s due to aging, illness, or recovery from surgery, our comprehensive 24-hour care services at Lavender Home Care Solutions are designed to meet diverse needs with the utmost respect and professionalism. By working in shifts, our round-the-clock care ensures that a caregiver is always present, whether it’s day or night. 

Our team of compassionate caregivers is trained to provide a wide range of senior care services, from routine activities such as bathing, dressing, and meal preparation to medication reminders and safe transportation for appointments or social events.

Here is more information about our 24-hour care services for your senior loved one.

Our personal care services at Lavender Home Care Solutions are a cornerstone of our commitment to dignified and respectful assistance. We understand that activities of daily living are not just routine tasks but essential elements of personal well-being. Our caregivers approach bathing, grooming, and dressing with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism, ensuring that each client feels comfortable and respected. 

Additionally, our caregivers assist with timely medication reminders and mobility exercises. We tailor our support to accommodate individual preferences and habits, recognizing that each person has their own way of doing things.

In our Alzheimer’s and dementia care program, we recognize that each senior has unique needs and challenges. Our approach is centered around creating a stable, familiar environment that reduces stress and confusion. Our caregivers are specially trained in techniques to manage the nuances of these chronic conditions, focusing on communication, behavior management, and engaging activities that stimulate cognitive abilities. 

We emphasize routine and familiarity, which can be tremendously beneficial for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, helping to maintain a sense of self. Our goal is to create a supportive network around each client, all within the familiar comfort of their own home.

Our companion care service in the Yellow Springs community is designed to go beyond meeting basic needs by fostering emotional connections and enhancing our clients’ quality of life. Our caregivers are companions in the truest sense, engaging seniors in meaningful conversations, shared activities, and social outings. This engagement is crucial in combating feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

By promoting regular social interaction, we help our seniors maintain sharp minds, improve their emotional well-being, and encourage a more active lifestyle. Our caregivers are matched with your loved one based on personality and mutual interests, ensuring a harmonious and enriching relationship. Companion care also includes assistance with daily tasks like meal preparation, light housekeeping, and errands.

Stroke care services from Lavender Home Care Solutions are specifically designed to address the complex needs of stroke survivors placed in our care. Post-stroke recovery can vary greatly from person to person, requiring a flexible and understanding approach. Our licensed caregivers are trained in rehabilitation techniques and are adept at assisting with physical therapy exercises, speech therapy, and other specialized care needs. 

Our caregivers also provide gentle encouragement and support, helping clients regain mobility, strength, and confidence.

Caring for someone with Parkinson’s disease requires a specialized approach, as the condition presents its own unique challenges. Our Parkinson’s care services include mobility assistance and techniques to help with balance and coordination, all crucial aspects of Parkinson’s care.  Our approach is proactive and adaptive, anticipating the needs of our clients as the condition progresses.

Beyond physical support, our Parkinson’s care also focuses on the emotional well-being of our clients. Our caregivers provide a steady presence, offering reassurance and encouragement. We engage clients in activities that promote mental engagement and physical coordination, tailored to their abilities and interests.

Respite care provides a much-needed break for family caregivers. Caring for a loved one can be rewarding but also demanding and exhausting. Our respite care services allow primary family caregivers to take time for themselves, whether it’s for a few hours, a day, or longer for a vacation. 

Our caregivers seamlessly step in, ensuring continuity of care and peace of mind for the family. Respite care is also an opportunity for clients to interact with different caregivers, bringing new experiences and interactions into their lives. This change can be stimulating and refreshing for clients, offering them a chance to build new relationships and enjoy different activities. 

Overnight care services address a crucial need for many families: the assurance that their loved one is safe and well-cared for throughout the night. This service is particularly important for seniors who are prone to wandering, need nighttime medication reminders, or simply require assistance with basic needs after dark. 

Our caregivers stay alert and responsive throughout the night, providing assistance with bathroom visits and ensuring comfort. This service provides invaluable peace of mind for families, knowing that their loved one is not alone and that help is available at any moment.

Fall prevention is especially helpful for the elderly and those with mobility challenges. Our caregivers are trained to identify potential fall risks in the home and implement effective strategies to mitigate these risks. We also work with seniors to improve their strength and balance through gentle exercise, reducing the likelihood of falls.

Additionally, we educate our seniors and their families about fall prevention, empowering them to maintain a safer living environment. By addressing these risks head-on, we help ensure that our seniors can move around their homes safely and confidently, maintaining their independence and quality of life.

A woman talking to an elderly woman in a nursing home.

Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

Bernard & Lavender were great for the past several years. From the beginning, Bernard personally went out of his way to help pair my mom with the perfect aide. The office staff were always helpful and kind whenever I needed them for anything at all. The entire company is kind and caring and I 110% recommend them for anyone that needs care for their loved one. I went through 3 home health care companies for my mom before I found Lavender. Lavender truly cares about their clients♥️

Mary Rupert

Needless to say I wholeheartedly am thankful for their services and hope we return to the Ohio area in the future where I can call on them again when care for my mother is needed whether it's part time or full time. To the people at Lavender, I can't thank you enough for making my mother's trip feel less like she was getting care but rather she had people that cared for her as a person.

Fernan Joco

I've been a client of Lavendar Home Care Solutions for approximately 3 years. I'm very pleased with my caregiver. She is always very punctual. She does a good job with the light housekeeping. I like the fact that I have the same caregiver every shift. She always asks if I need help with anything else before she leaves. Thanks for the good care I receive.

Linda Johnson

Lavender has been a God send to my parents, along with myself. As an employee, I’m blessed to work for them, always there helping any way they can. My parents get their home needs met through them. They are always there to help my parents, and make sure they have everything they need! Thank you Olivia and Bernard!


During the last six or so years I obtained help from Lavender Home Care Solutions in dealing with several home care issues. They have always responded promptly to my needs and they have always provided efficient and professional services at a reasonable cost. This is a very good home care service.

Ted Shank

Lavender has been wonderful to work with my care schedule and grandfather a family member in to assist me. They make a sometimes difficult situation much easier and are flexible whenever I need to change things.

Shelley Tippett

From the very first phone call everyone that I spoke with at Lavender home care was professional, kind and helpful. The owner returned my call after hours and was so helpful and concerned about finding someone that could help care for my father. The owner personally made the in-home assessment and asked great questions so we could find a caregiver that was the right fit for my father’s needs. My father's aide was kind, joyful and caring. If you are looking for caregivers for your family members, I highly recommend Lavender Home Care Solutions.

Monica Johnson

I have enjoyed a close working relationship with the staff of Lavender. They work closely with me to ensure my daddy's needs are met. Any possible issues are always addressed quickly and personally by the owner.

Donna Welty

What Lavender Home Care Solutions Can Do For You

Selecting Lavender Home Care Solutions as your trusted home care provider means you are partnering with a caregiver team that specializes in providing senior care that goes above and beyond local assisted living facilities. Our caregivers in Yellow Springs, OH, are compassionate individuals who deeply value their role in providing exceptional senior care.


We dedicate time to understanding the unique histories, preferences, and requirements of those in our care, enabling us to tailor our approach to each individual senior. 

We Offer Free Home Care Assessments

The journey to securing exceptional care for your loved one in Yellow Springs, OH, begins with a simple conversation. We invite you to reach out to Lavender Home Care Solutions to schedule a complimentary care assessment to get started with a care coordinator.

During this assessment, we’ll discuss your loved one’s health, lifestyle, and personal preferences, crafting a care plan that is uniquely suited to their individual circumstances.

Let’s begin this journey together to ensure that your loved one in Yellow Springs receives the dedicated, continuous care they truly deserve. Contact Lavender Home Care Solutions today.