Care During Day or Night: 24-Hour Home Care Kettering, OH

Are you worried about the safety and well-being of your elderly loved one during the nighttime, but can’t be there to help due to other responsibilities? At Lavender Home Care Solutions, our 24-hour home care in Kettering, OH, is designed to ease your stress with professional, round-the-clock support.

Our trained caregivers understand the importance of reliable support, especially for those requiring consistent 24-hour home care services, and ensure that every senior’s needs are met through personalized care plans.

Contact us at Lavender Home Care Solutions today and experience the benefits of our 24-hour home care services in Kettering and throughout the Greater Dayton, OH, area.

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Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

Bernard & Lavender were great for the past several years. From the beginning, Bernard personally went out of his way to help pair my mom with the perfect aide. The office staff were always helpful and kind whenever I needed them for anything at all. The entire company is kind and caring and I 110% recommend them for anyone that needs care for their loved one. I went through 3 home health care companies for my mom before I found Lavender. Lavender truly cares about their clients♥️

Mary Rupert

Needless to say I wholeheartedly am thankful for their services and hope we return to the Ohio area in the future where I can call on them again when care for my mother is needed whether it's part time or full time. To the people at Lavender, I can't thank you enough for making my mother's trip feel less like she was getting care but rather she had people that cared for her as a person.

Fernan Joco

I've been a client of Lavendar Home Care Solutions for approximately 3 years. I'm very pleased with my caregiver. She is always very punctual. She does a good job with the light housekeeping. I like the fact that I have the same caregiver every shift. She always asks if I need help with anything else before she leaves. Thanks for the good care I receive.

Linda Johnson

Lavender has been a God send to my parents, along with myself. As an employee, I’m blessed to work for them, always there helping any way they can. My parents get their home needs met through them. They are always there to help my parents, and make sure they have everything they need! Thank you Olivia and Bernard!


During the last six or so years I obtained help from Lavender Home Care Solutions in dealing with several home care issues. They have always responded promptly to my needs and they have always provided efficient and professional services at a reasonable cost. This is a very good home care service.

Ted Shank

Lavender has been wonderful to work with my care schedule and grandfather a family member in to assist me. They make a sometimes difficult situation much easier and are flexible whenever I need to change things.

Shelley Tippett

From the very first phone call everyone that I spoke with at Lavender home care was professional, kind and helpful. The owner returned my call after hours and was so helpful and concerned about finding someone that could help care for my father. The owner personally made the in-home assessment and asked great questions so we could find a caregiver that was the right fit for my father’s needs. My father's aide was kind, joyful and caring. If you are looking for caregivers for your family members, I highly recommend Lavender Home Care Solutions.

Monica Johnson

I have enjoyed a close working relationship with the staff of Lavender. They work closely with me to ensure my daddy's needs are met. Any possible issues are always addressed quickly and personally by the owner.

Donna Welty

24-Hour Home Care Services We Offer In Kettering

At Lavender Home Care Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of 24-hour home care services customized to the varied needs of your family members. Our dedicated caregiving team provides specialized care for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, ensuring a comforting and familiar environment day and night. 

Our 24-hour caregivers work in 12-hour rotating shifts to provide the consistent care your family member deserves. For aging loved ones needing personal care, our caregivers can help with daily tasks to maintain their dignity and independence. Additionally, we offer specialized companion, stroke, Parkinson’s, respite, overnight, and fall prevention care, all within the comfort and safety of your loved one’s own home.

With personal care services, our compassionate caregivers offer assistance with activities of daily living while respecting the personal space and preferences of each senior. This includes help with bathing and grooming to ensure that your loved ones feel their best every day.

Additionally, our personal care services extend to helping patients with dressing, mobility, and medication reminders. We understand that each Ohio senior has unique needs and routines, and our 24-hour caregivers in Kettering are dedicated to providing personalized care that aligns with these specific requirements. 

For those looking into specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care, our caregivers provide a stable environment for seniors facing memory-related challenges. Our 24-hour caregivers focus on enhancing memory functions and offering consistent support for daily routines. 

Through personalized care plans and therapeutic activities, our aim is to establish a comforting atmosphere where individuals can find solace and maintain their sense of self.

As part of our 24-hour home care, companion care services foster emotional support and social interaction, addressing feelings of loneliness and isolation. Our compassionate caregivers offer companionship that goes beyond superficial interactions, ensuring your loved ones feel valued and engaged.

Whether it’s engaging in conversations, meal preparation, light housekeeping, sharing hobbies, or simply being a caring presence, our companion care can uplift your family member’s spirits and enhance their overall quality of life.

Our stroke care services assist seniors on their journey to recovery after experiencing a stroke. We concentrate on facilitating mobility, coordinating speech therapy sessions, and aiding with daily activities around their own home. 

Through specialized stroke care and support, our caregivers’ goal is to empower your loved ones to regain independence and build confidence in their abilities. We strive to create a supportive environment where every individual can work toward a full and active life, even after experiencing a stroke.

Recognizing the distinctive challenges associated with Parkinson’s disease, our 24-hour home care services can include specialized Parkinson’s care to enhance your family member’s overall well-being and daily functioning. Our 24-hour caregivers are trained to deliver the necessary assistance and support required by individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

Whether it involves medication reminders, encouragement of physical activity, or providing emotional support, our caregivers focus on improving the quality of life for our clients living with Parkinson’s.

At Lavender Home Care Solutions, we deeply value the commitment of family caregivers who tirelessly provide constant care to their loved ones. Because of that, our 24-hour home care services include respite care to allow primary caregivers to take a well-deserved break while their loved one continues to receive top-notch care. 

You can rest assured that our experienced caregivers will step in to provide comprehensive support, maintaining the same level of senior care and ensuring your peace of mind during your much-needed time away.

Overnight care services in Kettering provide continuous monitoring for safety and comfort throughout the night and are a key component of 24-hour home care. We recognize that nighttime can pose unique challenges, like sundowning syndrome for those with Alzheimer’s, and our caregivers are available to assist with any needs that may arise. 

Our overnight caregivers can provide medication reminders, help with mobility, or simply be a comforting presence to ensure your loved one can rest peacefully, knowing they are in capable hands.

Prioritizing the safety of your loved ones, our 24-hour home care services include fall prevention services to establish a secure home environment, minimize the risk of accidents, and enhance stability and confidence. Your family member’s safety remains our top priority, and we are committed to providing valuable assistance to ensure their well-being.

While our caregivers can provide recommendations and guidance on the implementation of safety measures, please note that we do not handle the installation of grab bars or similar equipment. Our aim is to address potential fall hazards and empower you with the information needed to create a secure home environment, minimizing the risk of accidents and enhancing stability and confidence.

Why Families in Ohio Trust Lavender Home Care Solutions

At Lavender Home Care Solutions, our commitment to exceptional care sets us apart from other home care agencies. Our three-step hiring process, coupled with a comprehensive two-day intensive training program, ensures that each caregiver is well-prepared to meet your loved one’s specific needs. To further prioritize safety and reliability, every member of our staff undergoes pre-employment drug tests and a thorough 50-state background check.

From your very first contact with us, we pay close attention to your loved one’s unique requirements and use guiding questions to ensure the perfect caregiver match. Additionally, we offer the opportunity for you to meet your chosen caregiver before services commence, establishing a strong caregiver-client relationship.

Additionally, our low turnover rate among caregivers is a testament to how well we treat our employees, which in turn benefits your loved ones so they don’t experience the frequent shuffling of caregivers. We believe that providing a stable and compassionate caregiving team is a significant differentiator in delivering the quality care your loved ones deserve.

Contact Us For A Free Care Assessment

At Lavender Home Care Solutions, we understand the importance of finding the right 24-hour home care for your loved one. That’s why we offer a free home care assessment in Kettering, providing an opportunity for you to discover how our personalized services can meet your family’s unique needs. 

Our caregivers will discuss your loved one’s health, daily routines, and personal preferences, enabling us to tailor a care plan that enhances their quality of life.

Contact us at Lavender Home Care Solutions today for a free 24-hour home care assessment.